There are various reasons to add koi fish to your pond. Koi fish are known for their stunning beauty and grace. Spending time in the company of your koi fish after a hectic day at work is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. A koi pond will also add value to your home.

As one of the premier fish pond contractors in Scottsdale, here are some different types of koi fish that we’ve seen clients add to their ponds after their project is finished.

Asagi Koi

The Asagi is one of the oldest koi breeds. The base of their pectoral fins is red. They can be identified by their non-metallic blue scales, diamond-like scale patterns, and patches of red coloration. With time, the red patches may spread, and the color of their scales may get more vibrant.

Avoid fish with gray shadows or black smudges. Look for Asagi with red eyes and lighter blue scales. A type of Asagi Koi known as Hi Asagi has more red pigmentation than other types. Another variation of the Asagi, the Taki Asagi,is characterized by an extra line of white scales between its red and blue pigmentation.

Utsuri Koi

Utsuri Koi fish are known for their distinct, black-colored bodies with red, yellow, or white markings. The Utsuri Koi have some form of Sumi pattern. The appearance of Utsuri Koi fish predominantly depends on the type of water they are kept in. They do well in hard, alkaline water. Do not keep Utsuri Koi in softer, acidic water, as they may develop a greyish tinge.

Showa Koi 

The Showa Koi, also known as Showa Sanshoku and Showa Sanke, is characterized by its distinct red and white markings. Many people confuse Showa Koi fish for Sanke Koi fish as they look similar.

Both Showa Koi fish and Sanke Koi fish have markings on their heads. While Showa Koi fish have red, black, and white markings on their heads, Sanke Koi fish have red and white markings on their heads and can help add a splash of color to your pond. The red marking atop their heads stands out.

Kohaku Koi

The Kohaku is one of the most popular breeds of koi. It is the first breed of koi that developed two colors. Ideally, Kohaku fish have a white body with red blotches. Two types of markings are found on the Kohaku – red markings with a purple tint and orange-red markings with a crisp margin.

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