Pond Services

Pond Services

A pond can be a great addition to any outdoor space. They come with a wide range of benefits to both the visual aspect of a home and health. For many homeowners, having a water feature in their yard is the centerpiece of their landscaping.

Many Arizona homeowners add ponds to:

  • Improve the appeal of their property
  • Create a designated area for relaxation
  • Add an oasis to their space
  • Entice wildlife to visit their yard

Regardless of the type of pond you want to add to your property, Pondscapes can help. We offer a range of pond services in Arizona. Our unparalleled ability to bring customer vision to life sets us apart from other pond builders in Arizona. We are a Certified Aquascape Contractor.

Our team is comprised of seasoned pond designers who have spent years designing a variety of ponds which have helped us develop a multitude of pond-building techniques and best practices. Additionally, being a Certified Aquascape Contractor allows us access to other contractors across the country. This network allows us to pull on each other’s shared experience to bring better value to you!

A Team to Trust

Cost overrun on a pond-building project can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This is why we take the necessary steps to prevent cost overrun by clearly defining your project from start to finish. Before starting a project, our team defines the project scope and develops an action plan that provides a roadmap for preventing scope creep. The project manager comes up with a bulletproof project plan. Effective planning prevents costly pond-building mistakes and confusion that can derail a pond-building project.

Our expertise enables us to suggest cost-effective alternatives to expensive materials if you are on a budget. In addition, we leverage our extensive vendor network to create value for our customers.

Our pond installation teams use comprehensive pond-building checklists. Designed by industry experts, our checklists help ensure that tasks are carried out in an organized manner and keep things organized, allowing us to finish projects on time and on budget.

Work with Experts

 Many homeowners are overwhelmed by too many options when choosing the materials that come with building a pond. This can include pond liners and the underlayment for their pond. Oftentimes, they go with the most popular materials rather than the option that best fits their landscaping. This is where we come in.

The vision of one homeowner may be entirely different from that of another. Before starting a pond-building project, we talk to the homeowner to better understand their vision and needs. Once we understand how the homeowner intends to use their pond, we suggest different types of materials and help them weigh their pros and cons so they can choose the best materials for their pond.

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