2021 is finally here, and there is no better way to ring in the New Year than by giving your pond a makeover. Here are some pond enhancements to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your pond. 

Faux Log Fish Cave 

If you have fish, install a faux log fish cave to protect them from predators such as herons. Look for a natural-looking faux wood design that blends well in any setting and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

A faux log fish cave can be added to a new pond, an existing pond, or used as a decorative accent in the garden. When choosing a faux log pond for your fish, check its construction to make sure it can stand up to wear and tear. 

Pond Powerhead 

Pond powerheads are low-voltage pumps designed to create water movement, which helps ensure there are no stagnant areas in ponds. You can also disguise your powerhead using rocks or other landscape materials.  

If used correctly, a pond powerhead can help solve water stagnation and prevent unsightly build-up. 

Faux Stone Fire Pit 

Want to create a warm relaxation area around your pond? Install a faux stone fire pit. The best faux stone fire pits get designed for installation in different settings. Look for a pit that you can install in and around a pond or any other type of water feature. Make sure it is made from a durable material such as glass fiber reinforced concrete. 

Automated Dosing System 

With an automated dosing system, maintaining pond water quality is a breeze. An automated dosing system automatically adds your choice of water treatment to your pond. All you need to do is program the system using the control panel. 

Smart Control Plug 

A smart control plug allows you to control and monitor outdoor electronics from anywhere. You can use your smart control plug to control landscape lights, fountain pumps, lights, and decorative lighting. Make sure your plug is rated for outdoor use. 

Smart control plugs let you use dynamic scheduling to turn on lights automatically. They also provide real-time energy consumption data for devices connected to them. Your smart control plug has an astronomical timer that allows the outlets to turn on and off based on your location automatically. 

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