Fall and winter weather conditions can affect your pond as colder temperatures can affect the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water and slow the metabolism of fish.

Here are some tips to care for your pond in fall and winter.

Fall Pond-care Tips

Periodically Remove Leaves and Other Debris

Debris such as leaves, bugs, and twigs can fall in your pond. If not removed in a timely manner, this debris can decay which will reduce oxygen levels in the water and create conditions which favor the growth of harmful bacteria.

When the oxygen levels in your pond deplete, your fish can suffocate and fermentation gases can leach into your water. These gases are harmful to fish and provide nutrients that enable algae to grow in your pond.

During fall, twigs and leaves can find their way into your pond. To maintain your water quality, periodically remove debris. If you have too much on your plate and can’t keep on top of pond maintenance, hire a Scottsdale fish pond cleaning service.

Install Netting to Catch Debris

If there are too many trees surrounding your pond, removing leaves by hand can be time-consuming. It makes sense to install a netting to prevent leaves from falling in your pond while also clean up a breeze.

Feed Your Fish Less Frequently

When winter approaches, the metabolism of fish decreases. Decrease how frequently you feed your fish otherwise the uneaten food can decay and affect the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water. If you overfeed your fish, they will excrete more, which will lower your water quality. When the water temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit, stop feeding your fish.

Winter Pond Maintenance Tips

Prune Back Overhanging Branches

To prevent leaves and twigs from falling in your pond, prune back any branches that are hanging over it. Install nets and other deterrents to keep predators out. If there is too much organic material in your pond, your water may turn brown. If this happens, remove leaves and other debris and add activated carbon to your water.

Install an Aerator or a Small Pump

An aerator is a small pump will move your water which helps by adding oxygen to it. When the oxygen levels in your pond are adequate, your fish remain active and healthy.

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