Summer can bring a whole host of challenges for ponds. Rising temperatures can affect the health of the flora and fauna in your pond. A sudden increase in temperature can cause dissolved oxygen levels to fall dramatically. Evaporation can lower your pond’s water level, exposing fish and plants to the sun.

Here are some important tips to keep your pond cool and maintain a healthy environment for your fish this summer from the pond contractors at Pondscapes.

Shade Your Pond

Limiting your pond’s exposure to the sun’s harmful UV lights and helps with its longevity. Create natural shade using different plants like water lilies, and parrots feathers. The circular leaves of these plants will block out the sun, which helps keep temperatures down. These plants also produce oxygen. Many pond owners use a small porch umbrella or shade covering to block out the sun.

Clean Your Pond Regularly

An unclean pond can quickly become a breeding ground for algae. Algae blooms are not only unsightly, but they can potentially damage a pond’s delicate ecosystem. To keep your pond water pristine, remove dead or decaying foliage regularly. Get rid of pond algae such as blanket weed before they spread quickly and choke your pond.

Weed between forget-me-not and other marginal plants. Get rid of unwanted seedlings. It might be easier to remove the pot a marginal is growing in, then divide and replant it before placing it back in your pond.

Oxygenators should not fill more than one-third of your pond. Remove them at regular intervals, or else they might take over your pond.

Do Not Overfeed Your Fish

Though fish are more active in summer than winter, overfeeding them is not advisable. Any uneaten food can quickly decay and start accumulating at the bottom of your pond. Decaying fish food can produce ammonia, which is toxic to fish. Ammonia also provides essential nutrients for algal growth.

Feed your fish once a day in summer. This should be enough to keep the content as they will also feed on algae that grow in your pond. To make sure your fish get the right amount of food, use an automatic feeder.

Add Oxygen to Your Pond

Healthy pond oxygen pond levels are vital to fish health and will keep beneficial bacteria working their best. As pond water warms up, it loses its ability to hold oxygen.

Fast-moving water has more oxygen. Installing an aeration pump is a great way to circulate your water. You can add plants to aerate your pond. However, they will compete with other life forms in your pond for oxygen.

Instead, add an aeration pump or a biological filter to your pond.

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