There are several compelling reasons to add a waterfall to your backyard. A waterfall can transform an ordinary landscape into an oasis. Many homeowners regularly spend time by their waterfall after work to wash their stress away. Your waterfall can help improve indoor air quality. A waterfall can support the local ecosystem by providing shelter and drinking water to wildlife. Pondless waterfalls are one of the most popular types of waterfalls. The benefits of pondless waterfalls go beyond aesthetics. They tick all the right boxes for the ultra-busy modern homeowner. Pondless waterfalls are easier to maintain than regular waterfalls, safer for pets and kids. You can use a pondless waterfall to create a stunning focal point for your landscape.
  • Low Maintenance:  If you have too much on your plate and can’t frequently make time to maintain your water feature, it makes sense to install a pondless waterfall. A pondless waterfall requires considerably less maintenance than a traditional waterfall. It can reduce the need for frequent pruning. You will spend less time maintaining your pondless waterfall and more time appreciating its beauty.
  • Safer Than Traditional Waterfalls:  Probably the most important benefit of pondless waterfalls is that they don’t pose a drowning hazard and are perfect for families with pets and children. When you install a pondless waterfall, you don’t have to worry about your kids getting too close to it. Because a pondless waterfall does not pose any safety risk, you don’t have to fence yours off. Every year hundreds of thousands of human pet parents are forced to make a trip to the vet after their beloved furry friend falls prey to a waterborne disease it contracted while playing in contaminated water from the outdoor waterfall. A pondless waterfall addresses the problem of standing water that often carries disease-causing germs.
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