How Does a Pondless Waterfall Work?

A pondless waterfall is designed to pump water contained in an in-ground reservoir up and through a waterfall feature known as waterfall spillways. The system allows the water to fall back down into the reservoir.

How Much Water Does a Pondless Waterfall Need?

To calculate the size of your waterfall spillway, remember this rule of thumb – every inch of spillway requires at least 100 gallons of water every hour. If you need a more splashy effect, talk to a pondless waterfall installer near you about increasing the flow to 200 gallons per inch of spillway per hour.

How Do I Know What Size Waterfall Pump Do I Need?

When determining the size of the waterfall pump you need, consider important factors such as the width of your waterfall, the length of the water drop, and curtain water thickness.

Do Pond Pumps Use a Lot of Electricity?

Thanks to technological advancements, ponds do not consume as much energy as they used to before. To calculate your pond pump’s electrical cost, multiply pump power draw (usually mentioned in the specs) with cost per kilowatt-hour, and the number of hours your pump operates every day.

How Do You Get Rid of Algae in a Pondless Waterfall?

Follow these steps to remove algae from your pondless waterfall:

  • Turn off your waterfall
  • Sprinkle Eco blast granular algaecide on areas with algae growth
  • Turn on your waterfall after 20-30 minutes

How Do You Build a Waterfall in Your Backyard?

Follow these steps to build a waterfall in your backyard:

  • Select a location
  • Get stone for your waterfall
  • Design your stream and start digging
  • Prepare the basin and pump, and line the basin
  • Build a staircase
  • Spread the liner in the streambed. Place waterfall stones
  • Add some spill stones and gaps
  • Add a layer of tiny boulders. Clean the rocks. Trim off the exposed part of the liner

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