Ponds have several environmental benefits. A pond supports local wildlife. Backyard ponds create a relaxing environment where families can bond. Your pond has its separate ecosystem. One of the most important factors that affect the health of a pond is the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Fish and other aquatic animals need dissolved oxygen for sustenance. To maintain proper levels of oxygen in your pond water, you need to aerate it. Koi pond contractors in Phoenix and other parts of the country use fountains and waterfalls to aerate pond water.

Pond fountains add visual appeal to ponds. The sight and sound of water falling from a fountain can be incredibly relaxing.

Before you add a fountain to your pond, you need to understand the common causes of oxygen depletion in ponds. The primary cause of oxygen depletion in a pond is algal overgrowth driven by high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen.

If you have too many fish in your pond, they will produce waste quicker than bacteria can reproduce to consume waste products. This can cause oxygen levels in your pond to drop.

There can be various devastating effects of low dissolved oxygen levels. If you have a deep pond, the decaying process will slow, causing a foul odor.

One of the most effective ways to improve the oxygen content in a pond is to increase water movement (aeration). An aerating pond fountain can improve the overall quality of your pond water. Once dissolved oxygen levels in your water rise, bacteria start decomposing organic wastes.

You can either use a floating pond fountain or a diffused aeration system to aerate your pond.

  • Floating Pond Fountains: These are an option for shallow ponds. A floating pond fountain pulls the water and shoots it up into the air. When the water falls down, gases are released, and oxygen is transferred.
  • Diffused Aeration Systems: They are a more common option for a standard backyard pond. Unlike floating pond fountains that pull water upwards, diffused aeration systems push compressed air to the floor of the pond, resulting in bubbles formation. When these bubbles reach the surface, they mix the water with the air, increasing dissolved oxygen in the pond.

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