Want to turn your outdoor space into an oasis? Consider adding a water feature to it. When designed and installed properly, a water feature can improve the aesthetic appeal of the property and add character to it.

Spending some time near water every day is a great way to reduce stress and experience a sense of calmness. The sights and sounds of water can trigger the release of neurochemicals that promote happiness and pleasure while reducing anxiety.

Here are several different types of water features that contractors in Scottsdale commonly install.

Types of Water Features

Pond: A pond can be built either below or above the ground.

In-ground ponds look more natural and are great for relaxation. They can easily incorporate other water features such as fountains, streams, and waterfalls.

Above-ground pools are easy to build as no excavation is required. They come in a range of shapes and sizes. Above-ground ponds are usually a better option for households with kids as they are shallower than in-ground pools, and are hence, considered safer for children.

Stream and/or waterfall: You can create a hole in the ground to add a stream to your property. Some homeowners use a stone base to create an above-ground stream. A stream can be either separate from or attached to an existing pond.

A waterfall can be incorporated into the outdoor space if the stream in it was built on a slope and has two to four-inch steps.

Fountain: A fountain can be a standalone water feature or added to a water body. Some popular fountain materials include fiberglass, cast stone, metal, and concrete. A fountain can be multi-tiered too.

Water Feature Design Tips

Whether you are planning to add a pond, a stream, waterfall, or a fountain to your landscape, consider following these water feature design tips.

➢ Look for a water feature company in Scottsdale that has experience designing projects that complement the existing landscaping and the style of your home.

➢ Use a pump or fountain to keep the water in your pond moving. Circulating pond water is a great way to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs and aerate the water feature.

➢ Choose your water feature location wisely. Look for a spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight. To simplify maintenance, place your water feature away from the trees.

Water Feature Maintenance Tips

➢ Skim leaves once a week.
➢ Remove any algae with a bristle brush.
➢ Regularly clean equipment such as pumps and filters.
➢ Deep clean your pond every spring and fall. Fix leaks as soon as possible.

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