Winter is a challenging time for ponds and the plants & animals that live in them. Thankfully the bitter part of winter is gone and spring will soon be upon us. Soon, temperatures will start climbing and color will return to your pond. Now is the right time to restore your pond to its former glory.

Here are some tips to prepare your pond for spring as well as considerations should you need to make any repairs.

Clean Your Pond

Remove debris such as twigs, branches, and leaves before they start decomposing. Get rid of any dead foliage. If you let debris sit at the bottom of your pond, it will decay and release gasses that negatively impact water quality. When cleaning your pond, be sure to scoop debris from the bottom with a long-handled pond net.

Install Pond Netting

Any organic material in your pond will decay and assist in algae growth. Decomposing plants can release toxic gasses that can build up over time, suffocating your fish. To prevent organic debris from entering your pond and decomposing, install pond netting if you have excessive leaf debris.

There are two reasons to install pond netting. A quality netting will keep predators at bay and prevent leaves from getting into your pond. Cleaning a pond can be an arduous task. A net will catch debris before they fall into your pond, simplifying maintenance. Periodically remove leaves, twigs, branches and other debris from the net.

Clean Your Pond Filters

Thoroughly clean your pond filters. Once you have got rid of accumulated dirt and debris, add a filter feed to restore bacterial activity as many bacteria enter a dormant phase in winter. This will help keep the number of beneficial bacteria that break down organic waste passing through the filter system at healthy levels,

Supplement Nitrifying Bacteria

When the temperature reaches 65 degrees, add nitrifying bacteria to your pond.

Evaluate Koi Fish Health

The health of your fish affects the health of your pond and vice versa. Check your fish for ulcers and other common health problems aquatic animals develop during winter.

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