Installing a garden fountain is a great way to add charm and character to your garden. There are many benefits to garden fountains. A garden fountain will drown out unpleasant, unwanted noises, while the calming sounds of running water help promote wellness and relaxation.

Before beginning a water fountain installation project in Scottsdale, ask your installer these questions.

How Much Maintenance Will the Fountain Require?

Like other types of water features, fountains need regular upkeep and maintenance. In addition to having your contractor maintain your fountain every year, you will need to clean it between maintenance sessions to make sure the fountain pump remains completely submerged in water.

Other regular maintenance tasks include cleaning the fountain pump regularly to remove algae and prevent build-ups. All garden fountains require some level of maintenance, but some need more care than others. Before starting your fountain installation project, decide what level of effort you are willing to invest in maintaining your fountain.

What is the Fountain’s Size?

Fountain size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a fountain. Usually, the bigger a fountain and the better the materials used, the higher its cost. Fountain weight and size will also affect maintenance cost.

Fountains made from carved granite or natural stone are heavier than fountains made from concrete, fiberglass, and resin composite materials. They are more difficult to install and maintain. A cast or carved stone fountain is a permanent fixture. It is very difficult to relocate a cast fountain to a different part of the garden or property.

Is it a Self-contained Fountain?

If your fountain is not self-contained, you will have to purchase a reservoir and pump separately. Afterwards, you will need to hire an experienced plumber to install the fountain. Since self-contained fountains have an integrated pump and reservoir, they are easier to install. However, fountains that are not self-contained may last longer and are easier to repair.

How Much Sound Will It Make?

A noisy fountain will disrupt your calm .On the other hand, a fountain that is too silent will be unable to mask unwanted noises from the street.

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