A water fountain can add visual interest, character and elegance to an outdoor living space and can serve as a focal point. The sound of flowing water is inherently soothing and can help reduce stress and anxiety. With years of expertise, our team at Pondscapes has transformed outdoor living spaces with stylish enhancements, incorporating visually captivating water features.

Water Fountain Installation Tips

Fountain installation Scottsdale, AZ requires expertise. If you try to install your outdoor waterfall yourself, it is highly likely that you will make fountain installation mistakes. An improperly installed water fountain can develop costly problems.

Follow these tips for a flawless fountain installation in Scottsdale, AZ.

Choose the Location

Before you finalize a spot for your water fountain, make sure there is ample room for it. You will want to place your fountain in an area that is clearly visible from your room. If your outdoor living area receives ample sunlight, place your fountain in a cool, shaded area. For electric fountains, make sure there is an electrical outlet in the installation area.

Create the Foundation

Choose a level area free of debris for your water fountain’s foundation. A flat, stable surface helps ensure your water fountain does not tilt to one side. An uneven surface, on the other hand, can cause the fountain to shift, leading to water flow issues or pump damage.

Wire Your Fountain

If your fountain requires electricity to operate, ensure that there’s a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet nearby to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Consider hiring a licensed electrician to install an outdoor-rated outlet if needed or to ensure the installation meets local electrical codes.

Install the Pump Correctly

Make sure the pump is properly installed and fully submerged in water before turning on the fountain. Avoid running the pump dry or it may overheat and stop working. Adjust the flow rate of the pump according to the size of your fountain and your preference, ensuring water flows at your desired rate.

Water Fountain Maintenance Tips

Regardless of the type of water fountain you have, regular maintenance is a must. Periodic water fountain maintenance addresses current problems and keeps potential issues at bay. Well-maintained water fountains are more reliable than poorly maintained fountains and may cost less to run.

Follow these maintenance tips to keep your water fountain in tip-top shape.

➢ Keep your fountain clean
➢ Regularly inspect the pump to make sure it is working properly
➢ Periodically add water to your fountain to keep the pump submerged
➢ Have a professional inspect and maintain your fountain at recommended intervals

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