As the name suggests, a koi pond is specifically designed for holding koi fish. A koi pond is a worthy addition to any backyard as it brings beauty, character, and style to your home.

Here are some compelling reasons to add a koi pond to your home.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Brightly colored and uniquely patterned koi are known for their beauty. A koi pond can add a splash of color and an air of serenity to your yard.

A well-designed koi pond can transform a dull, uninspiring backyard into an extraordinary space that complements the property. In Scottsdale, we’ve found that many people build a koi pond to make their backyard more welcoming and add freshness to it.

Low Maintenance

A well-designed koi pond with an filtration system requires much less maintenance than people may think. When you add a koi pond to your yard, you can rest assured that you will spend less time caring for your pond and more time appreciating its beauty.


Spending some time near your koi pond every day after work is a great way to relieve stress and reduce blood pressure. The sight and sound of flowing water and the vivid colors of koi soothe the mind. No wonder many rehabilitation centers that treat people with mental disorders are equipped with koi ponds.

Helps Control Insects

A koi pond can help with insect control in your garden. Koi feed on insects such as mosquitoes and their larva so you can enjoy your koi pond year-round.

Increase Property Value

A koi pond can improve the marketability of your property. Koi ponds are an in-demand amenity. A koi pond can help you sell your property quicker and at a higher price.

Tips to Maintain Your Koi Pond

You cannot install your koi pond and simply forget it. To maintain its natural beauty and appeal, periodically maintain your koi pond.Follow these koi pond maintenance tips to keep your water clean and your koi happy and healthy.

  • Do not overfeed your koi as any uneaten fish food can affect water quality and cause bacterial growth that can make your fish sick
  • Clean your pond periodically. Remove debris before they accumulate and decay
  • Do not let your pond become overpopulated
  • Add aquatic plants or an aerator to your pond to keep it naturally cool

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