A pond can transform an ordinary landscape into something extraordinary. Ponds provide a sense of beauty and calm and attract wildlife. You cannot install a pond in your backyard and forget it. Landscape ponds need regular maintenance.

When it comes to pond maintenance in Phoenix, the basics still apply. Because stagnant water can be a major environmental hazard, you need to come up with a plan to circulate water in your pond continuously.

An Introduction to Filtration Systems

A combination of high temperatures and stagnant water can result in excessive algae growth. Algae are known to accumulate highly toxic substances such as zinc, selenium, and arsenic in their cells. These substances can cause serious diseases in fish; or worse, kill them.

To maintain a healthy pond, consider setting up a pond filtration system. A pond filtration system is designed to remove impurities, sediments, or pathogens from the water. Regular pond filtering keeps water clean helping support aquatic life.

To prevent your pond from premature fish loss, set up a pond filtration system. There are two types of filtration processes – mechanical filtration and biological filtration.

While mechanical filtration separates contaminants such as debris, suspended matter, and oil from the water, biological filtration utilizes bacteria to remove unwanted particles from the water.

Reasons to Install a Pond Filtration System

Keeps the Level of Toxins in Check

Fish and other aquatic animals excrete ammonia as waste, which breaks down to release nitrates and nitrites. Biofiltration will prevent your pond water from turning toxic as beneficial bacteria will break down ammonia to release oxygen.

If a tree twig falls into your pond, the bacteria circulated by your biological filter will break down organic matter, causing it to decompose.

Help Conserve Water

Your pond filtration system is designed to help you recycle and reuse pond water. The water which would otherwise be considered as waste can be recycled and reused in the pond as fresh water.

Protect Pond Flora and Fauna

A pond filtration system plays a critical role in decreasing the concentration of lead and other heavy metals in pond water. Your pond filtration system will also keep the level of suspended particles and turbidity in check.

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