Concrete Pond Transformed To a Pondless Waterfall

Watch as we transform a concrete pond into a beautiful Pondless waterfall. This feature would collect dirt, dust, and debris after a monsoon or other storms that may hit in Arizona. The homeowners were experiencing a pigeon problem and mosquitos because of the standing water left when they drained the original feature. Pondscapes came in to completely demo the concrete pond and replace it with a Pondless waterfall. The benefits of the Pondless waterfall are how the water disappears and is stored entirely underground when not running. This will drastically reduce the pigeons coming to visit for water and mosquitos will not be breeding in stagnate water because there is no standing water. There are no harsh chemicals needed to maintain a Pondless feature, so all the beautiful birds that come to visit when it is turned on are completely safe when drinking the water. This is the perfect feature for people that travel often or don’t want the maintenance of a pond.